Hi, I'm Merly!

Before starting on my fertility journey, I was extremely career-focused and it took up all of my time and energy. My career in recruitment and occupational rehabilitation was very demanding. Working in such intense roles, I was always mentally exhausted. On top of that, my lifestyle choices were contributing to my mood swings and anxiety, but I had no idea. I had anger management issues and it was beginning to affect my friendships and relationships. I knew something had to change. 

When I discovered that I could balance my hormones holistically without medication, it changed my life. My irregular cycle and week-long heavy periods became more regular and lighter. My mood was more balanced. Regulating my hormones meant I became more resilient. I was able to cope with stress much more effectively and more importantly, I was feeling great!

Now I am helping other ambitious women just like you, to take back your life and fertility health! As your Health & Wellness Coach, I take a holistic mind-body approach to help you balance your hormones and manage stress. Putting you in control of your fertility.

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My fertility journey

I remember when we decided to start trying for a family and I was confused when I didn’t fall pregnant straight away. I panicked. I should’ve fallen pregnant. I mean how is this possible! I decided to get an ovulation test kit because by then, baby-making had become a science project. As much as I tried to relax and be spontaneous about getting it on, my anxiety was through the roof!

Every day I peed on a stick to confirm I was ovulating, as each week went by I grew even more anxious when no line appeared. So I got hubby to get his sperm checked because I was convinced it was his fault! When his results turned out positive, I was then convinced there was something wrong with me. I booked us in to see a Fertility Specialist and she asked us how long had we been trying. I said only two months but I’m not ovulating so something is wrong.

She was empathetic and said to come back to her after 6 months. I was so devasted. Can’t she see I’m broken! She sent me off for a round of tests. Trying to fall pregnant became an obsession and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I peed on a stick every day wishing for a line to appear.

Finally, one day two faint lines appeared, I was pregnant with JohnnyMax. The reason why I didn’t ovulate was that because I did fall pregnant after my first month of trying. You see, JohnnyMax was a rainbow baby. I had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. This experience had a profound impact on me. I found it difficult to witness my friend’s pregnancy announcements because it would remind me of the baby we lost.

Trying for a baby can often be a very lonely experience, especially if you have had miscarriages. I wish I had someone to confide in but you do.
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My professional background before becoming a Health & Wellness Coach

I worked as a Career Coach and Employment Specialist for 10 years as an employee and an independent contractor. Working with injured workers who had both psych and physical injuries, I noticed the injury management plans were missing a vital piece to helping clients return to work.

I worked with Police Officers, Defense personnel, Lawyers and other professionals who wanted to flourish in more than just their career but also their life and their identity. So whilst juggling being a first-time mum and consulting injured workers, I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition at night to be certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Being a mum and overcoming my own hormonal imbalances, I naturally started to work with ambitious and driven women wanting the same. You can read stories of the clients I’ve helped with their hormone health and fertility journey by clicking here.

Training & Qualifications:

  • 10 years combined corporate career as Career Coach, Labour Market Researcher, Employment Specialist, Disability Assessor & Trainer
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2017)
  • Landmark Forum & Advanced Course (Life Mastery & Transformation), Landmark Education
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance, Monash University (2020)
  • Journey to Birth, Trinity College Dublin (2021) – Currently Studying
In addition, I’m always upskilling my craft and currently training with some of the top coaches in the health coaching industry such as Michelle Maclean and Michelle Leotta.

Feeling like your hormones are out of balanced?

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