Frequently Asked Questions

As cliche as this may sound, fertility health coaching is all about helping you be your happiest and healthiest self whilst on this fertility journey. It’s about helping you to make those dietary and lifestyle changes that you can be sometimes really hard to do when you’re doing it all alone, so that where I come in. Most people know what they probably should be doing to improve their chances of conceiving, but the “doing” is the hard part. So I can help with the doing. Ultimately as a Fertility Health Coach, I’m here to serve you.

Firstly we focus on getting the baseline of your current health and wellness through  a series of assessments, tools and explorations. Then together we would co-create a plan to reach you specific health and wellness goals of where you want to be. The plan will include goals, action steps and accountability. Once we know the plan, goal, actions steps, I will help you with the accountability piece and chart your progress so you stay on track. I will help you with any obstacles and challenges that come along the way too.

Sometimes the best way to explain what I do is to tell you what I’m not.

  • I’m not a Doctor or Naturopath, so I won’t be diagnosing or providing treatment plans
  • I’m not a registered Dietician or Nutritionist, so I won’t be providing therapeutic meal plans to implement
  • I’m not a mental health professional or therapist, so I won’t be going back into your past and helping you process or understand why you are the way you are

As a Fertility Health Coach, I’m here to meet you where you are right now and help you move forward to where you want to be.

Clients who go through the fertility health coaching with me find that the process helps them:

  • Develop self-accountability
  • Develop self-efficacy, knowing they have the power and capacity to do on their own without me
  • Develop self belief, increased confidence that you can do this!
  • Develop some new health and wellness habits
  • Develop some new skills and knowledge around hormone and menstrual health
  • Increase their chances of conceiving by adopting a mind-body approach to fertility health

If you are ready to make changes to be the best version of yourself, a Fertility Health Coach is for you. and you can apply for a free fertility breakthrough session.  The session allows you to get to know to know each other, unpack what your challenges are and if I am the right coach to best support you.

Some clients are already working with a healthcare professional, I can help fill in the gap from where they leave off and support you implement the recommendations and protocols so you don’t have do this on your own.

A Fertility Health Coach is different from a medical practitioner, Naturopath, Dietitian or Nutritionist because coaching services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. I take a whole person mind-body approach to help you reach your personal health and wellness goals. Many of my clients have been successful in regulating their cycle, balancing their hormones, fall pregnant and have completed their coaching relationship with me a happier and healthier version of themselves that’s unique to them.

Fertility health coaching is helping you with your personal health and wellness goals which may include various health concerns around fertility health such as chronic stress, weight issues, hormonal acne, PMS, period disorders, fatigue and exhaustion. For couples wanting to increase their chances of falling pregnant, couples may want to do fertility health coaching together. Fertility health coaching is not couple therapy, so sessions are still conducted with the individual. However I do offer couple packages so that both partners can work towards the same goal. It’s recommended both partners to apply for a free fertility breakthrough session. It’s important that both individuals feel comfortable engaging in fertility health coaching with me.

Absolutely! Fertility is a sign of optimal health regardless if you are trying to fall pregnant or not. I have clients who come to me who are struggling with hormone issues and menstrual disorders wanting help with regulating their cycle, support with PMS and all the problems associated such as chronic stress, weight issues, exhaustion, fatigue and mood swings. 

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and as I coach my role is support you in whatever your health and wellness goals are. To ensure we are the right fit for each other, book in for a free breakthrough session today.