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How To Create the Best Morning Routine when Trying to Conceive

I’ve just completed the first week of my morning routine in over 4.5 years and I can tell you that I’m pretty excited about it. With all my fertility coaching clients, I talk about the importance of establishing a morning routine but I haven’t personally haven’t been quite successful at it.

As much as the world has been rocked by recent events, it’s also given me an opportunity to establish a positive morning routine since hubby is working from home and can parent the boys so I can have 2 hours of “me time.”

For many women struggling with infertility the emotional impact can be exhausting and disheartening and that’s how establishing a morning routine can help. Depending where you are in your cycle, the two week wait to see if the two pink lines appear is a very anxious time and then discovering you got your period can send you down into a spiral of despair. Being able to manage these rollercoaster of emotions is not only important for your own mental health and wellbeing but keeping stress levels down increases the chances of conception to occur.

Establishing the right morning routine can set the tone for the day to come, making you feel happier, calm, productive and optimistic about your fertility journey and life.

What is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a list of habits that you do every morning. It helps you get in the right mind frame and sets you up for the day.

Why is a Morning Routine Important?

Morning routines help you take control of your day rather than the day taking control of you. When you feel happy, calm, productive and positive, you’re more likely to handle whatever the day throws at you. You don’t become a victim of circumstances.

What I’ve noticed with my clients is that they feel happier and more accomplished simply by starting the day with intention.

Have you ever felt like there is so much to do but not enough time in the day? I’ve noticed just this week alone, having a morning routine has allowed me to be really intentional with my time. I’m able to get things done that have been on my “To Do List” for months.

How To Create the Best Morning Routine when Trying to Conceive

Firstly when setting up a morning routine, you want to start with an intention. What is the purpose of your morning routine?

Do you want to……

  • Start exercising
  • Adopt a mindfulness practice
  • Start a new hobby
  • Read a book
  • Do a course
  • Work on a side gig
  • Plan your day
  • Invest more in your self-development

You get the picture? Take a moment to brainstorm some ideas in your journal.

Then work out how much time each habit is going to take you every morning. For example, part of my new morning routine is to do yoga and this is going to take 10-15 minutes. There are some habits that will be completed over a period of time, so right now I’m also doing a course which I know I know is going to take me 1 hour per week for the next 8 weeks, so I factor that in too.

The best way to make sure you’re ready to rock and roll the moment you wake up is to prepare the night before. I learnt this tip when I first started learning how to run. I did a running coaching program where we used to run at 6.30 am and the only way I could do this was to make sure my gym clothes, keys and drink bottle were all ready to go. The same goes for having all your breakfast and supplements stocked and up and prepped too!

Remember when it comes to creating a fertile body, you also need to create a fertile mind. When you are working towards feeling happier and more fulfilled in one area of life, it has a ripple effect in all areas of life. Click here to do a stress audit to see what areas of life you might want to focus on.

Here a list of habits some of my fertility coaching clients have adopted as ideas:

  • Morning meditation using a guided app, I’m currently loving Smiling Mind
  • Walking, running and yoga, I’m a big fan of Yoga with Adrienne and it’s free on YouTube
  • Journal writing such as Morning Pages
  • Writing their daily gratitude and developing or reconnecting with a spiritual practice
  • Working on life goals such as writing a book, starting a new business outside of their professional career and working on their resume
  • Learning a new language or starting on a course
  • Planning their day, week, month and even year
  • Creating a vision board of their dream family and home

I hope you now feel inspired to start a positive morning routine and I’d love to hear how your first week went in the comments box below. To help you on the journey, go to www.merlyhartnett.com.au/stress-audit to download the stress audit and start taking back control of your mornings and fertility health.


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