Helping ambitious women like you take a holistic approach to optimise your fertility and bring joy back to your life.

Are you struggling to fall pregnant naturally?

  • Are you stressed about your ability to conceive?

  • Do you feel that your life is on hold?

  • Have you lost sight of who you are as a person or as a couple?

  • Do you feel resentful of other people’s pregnancy news?

  • Do you often wonder, “why me?”

  • Are you worried that your biological clock is ticking?

You may have read a thousand books and spent countless late nights researching how to conceive naturally. You may have seen specialists and done numerous tests, with no success. There are other options. 

Let me help you take a holistic and natural path to conception. 

The one big mistake you might be making right now is thinking there is something wrong with you. I know, I’ve been there too and you can read my story here. When I didn’t fall pregnant straight away, I blamed my hubby.  Then I blamed myself and I went into ‘fix-it’ mode. Falling pregnant became a science project. I made appointments with a specialist and booked in for a round of tests immediately.

What I now know is that falling pregnant is more than just tracking your cycle and having sex at the right time. Your body is incredibly powerful and is capable of doing more than you could possibly imagine. Your menstrual cycle is an inbuilt diagnostic tool and when it’s out of balance it sends you signs.

Did you know that 80% of women with an unexplained infertility diagnosis can conceive naturally. I helps clients heal infertility through food, exercise, stress and other important lifestyle habits. This is a non-medical approach to increasing your chances of conceiving naturally.

As your Fertility Health Coach, I help you tap into your inner feminine wisdom and read those signs. Together we can then work on addressing your infertility from the root cause. I’m not here to “fix you” because your body isn’t broken. It’s talking to you. Optimising your fertility is all a mind-body approach. Together with some tools and strategies, we’ll develop a plan to help increase your chances of concieving.

About Me

Hi, I’m Merly, Health & Wellness Coach, based in the Hills District. I specialise in helping women who are struggling with menstrual problems.  I guide those in pre-conception care and those currently going through IVF. I take a holistic approach to optimising fertility health. 

I help by addressing the mind-body connection to enhance fertility and reduce the negative effects of fertility challenges.
I have helped ambitious women all over Australia to increase their chances of falling pregnant naturally.

Feeling like your hormones are out of balanced?

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